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One of our most profitable products where we will place a bet at a value price in order to win money when the price moves. Unlike a traditional sports book, exchange gives the end-user the chance to match and take other players bets and having the additional information is an advantage as it allows us to make more informed decisions and a greater profit.


Scalping is a process of offering bets within a market, in order to profit in small amounts on a regular basis. For this reason, scalping is often considered a low-risk method of application. Highly popular events with large betting volumes are most suited to scalping methods like Football matches where we only looking to profit from one to three ticks at a time (0.1-0.3)


Making accurate predictions on the outcome of games requires a good knowledge of the recent form, and also a strong understanding of what has been happening off the pitch in the football leagues. Everything from transfer activity, to injuries, to managerial changes and the financial affairs of clubs can have an impact on the predictions we make and with all that we are putting ourself in a great position to turn those predictions into winnings.


After straight bets, parlay betting is the most popular form of sports wagering. A parlay, or accumulator bet, is a selection of two or more bets linked together. In order to win the parlay, all of the individual bets must win. The more picks in the parlay, the more risk and the higher the payoff and for this reason, we will basically post other words Double or Treble with lower price In the amount of the total odd about 2.0

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1 Week


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1 Month


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6 Months


€ 198

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1 year


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Why 3xM?

I ask you to judge us on our loses because we have so few...


3xm is a fully responsive trading company that fits perfectly into all types of players, from amateurs to professionals. Our primary goal is to provide you with the best possible chances of trading or betting profitable. And all you have to do is to follow our suggestions.


We are Consistently good in providing you quality and reliable source of content and we need more reliable information before we can take action, because your bankroll is our bankroll. Our key is giving reliable sugestion for trading in an accessible way so we are not only super efficient and totally reliable, we are also making a big profit.

Easy to Use

Our team is here for you because sports and non sports fans can give themselves an excellent chance of profiting either with or without any underlying knowledge of the sports event. You just need to know the basics of trading and that you fully understand what to do.

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